Point to Multi-Point Wireless? An introduction.

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Point to Multi-point wireless, or P2MP wireless, is a relatively new term that’s gaining widespread acceptance for its simplicity…and effectiveness. Yet, you may know little to nothing about it. With the advent of increased video surveillance needs across North America driven by cyber-security, personal safety and overall public acceptance of cameras in public view, the… Read more »

Fixed Wireless Internet Versus Point to Point Wireless Internet

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The web is apparently getting slower. Why? Network congestion. Poor processing power. The plethora of tabs and software you currently have open on your computer. Unfortunately, even the highest paying customers aren’t immune to this phenomenon. They might be spending thousands of dollars on the internet per year, but they’re getting some of the same… Read more »

Home Networking Solutions: Is Point to Point Wireless Right for You?

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Are you familiar with point-to-point wireless links? It’s an outdoor wireless internet solution for your business or home networking solutions. It’s often used in video surveillance and industrial automation applications. Point-to-point wireless links have multiple wireless architectures that you can implement in designing a wireless infrastructure. It offers simple architecture and can be used, for… Read more »

Top 5 Benefits of Wireless Internet for Your Business

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Wireless internet isn’t a new invention, yet many businesses still rely on standard fixed connections. Some companies like the cybersecurity associated with wired connections and others feel that using cables means faster, high-quality internet. Despite these factors, it’s hard to ignore the power and flexibility a wireless network offers, especially since you don’t have to… Read more »

5 Reasons You Need a Point to Point Internet Service

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Nothing impedes a work day like slow internet service. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a million things to do and getting disrupted by a poor connection. One way to ward off the evil internet connections that interfere with your day is to kick them out of the office. How so? Switch to point to… Read more »

What You Should Look for in a Great Free-Space Optics Provider

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You know your office needs free-space optics. But you’re not sure who can really provide you with the services you need. More businesses are becoming aware of the low-cost/low energy advantages of free-space optics tech. In fact, it’s estimated that the market will grow to over 1.07 billion dollars by 2024. As the demand rises,… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your Point to Point Wireless Setup

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When it comes to network architecture, there are plenty of options. The simplest option, by far, however, is a point to point wireless system. Unlike a WiFi or an ethernet connection, a point to point system transmits data across large areas using a wireless radio link. This system can allow several computers to communicate with… Read more »

The Invisible World of the Microwave Link

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It seems that every day a new technology comes onto the market looking to reinvigorate our lives with even more optimal services. The microwave link is one such system, though it may be older than you think. It seems like it is from the future, but it is certainly not too good to be true…. Read more »

Free Space Optics 101: What You Need to Know

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One of the greatest achievements of the digital age is our rapidly changing communication technology.  One type of communication, however, has been around since the 1880s without a moment in the limelight. That technology is called free space optics. Alexander Graham Bell invented this type of communication with the photophone. A photophone is an interesting… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Point to Point Wireless Setup

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Setting up your wireless internet comes with its own set of instructions. But that doesn’t make connectivity any bit easier to do. Today’s wireless routers and networking products aren’t always the most helpful either. To improve your security and your connection you’ll have to make a couple of changes. These tips will guide you through… Read more »