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Did you know that 25% of new businesses fail during their first year?

That number keeps going up as the years go by. The key to running a successful business is setting up the operations with efficiency in mind.

If you are here that means that you are a business owner looking to set up your business internet the right way.

Don’t worry! We have you covered.

Ready to learn how?

Business Internet: The Right Way or the Highway

Today, we see more and more how your internet service can lead to business success or failure. You might be thinking that I’m being a bit dramatic. But, poor internet can lead to low productivity, reduced competitiveness, among other things.

However, you can prevent this if you stick to these basics when choosing the internet for your business:

  • Business Needs
  • Internet Package Offers
  • Speed and Reliability

The rule of thumb is that your business needs are your top priority because your internet service has to fit your daily operations.

Business Needs

What type of business are you running?

This will be the starting point in your business internet search. Because an e-commerce based business has very different needs compared to an IT consultant. Ask yourself how your daily operations will look and what are your internet service needs.

How many locations does your business have? Will you be needing internet service at those locations? Using questions like these as your guide will give you an idea of what type of connection is the right one for your business.

Internet Package Offers

When it comes to choosing your internet service provider(ISP), the biggest headache is what internet bundle to pick.There are so many competitors and every market is different. First you should research what type of connections are available in your area, the most common are:

  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Fiber
  • Satellite

The most dominant ISPs are DSL and cable, which are available to 89% and 88% respectively of the population. Also, these options are usually more affordable than satellite and fiber. Depending on your business you might be able to get a bundle that includes internet and another service such as a phone line or TV programming.

Speed and Reliability

The efficiency of your business will depend on how reliable and the speed of your ISP. You should start by researching the speed and reliability of each ISP available in your area.

Are you running an online business?

Is your business driven by an e-commerce website?

Will you be uploading and downloading big files over the internet?

Will you have more than one employee using internet at the same time?

These are questions that can point you in the right direction to know what speed and reliability you need. From the most common affordable options, a cable ISP has the most speed and reliability. Specifics will depend on your area so do your research before going to the first cable provider you find.

Wrapping It Up

So remember that to set up your business internet the right way do your homework, stick to the basics, efficiency and don’t forget budget friendly. Because every dollar counts when you are running a business!

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