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Are you familiar with point-to-point wireless links?

It’s an outdoor wireless internet solution for your business or home networking solutions. It’s often used in video surveillance and industrial automation applications.

Point-to-point wireless links have multiple wireless architectures that you can implement in designing a wireless infrastructure. It offers simple architecture and can be used, for example, to connect to buildings without trenching and wiring the area.

The other architectures are point to multipoint and mesh networks. Read on to learn more.

How Does Point to Point Wireless Work?

It’s often referred to as an Ethernet Bridge. When you have two devices in two different locations, you can create a point-to-point link. You just point the two antennas to each other, using directional antennas.

You can bridge two IP networks to each other this way. Consider that a point-to-point link is operating in the license-free portion of the spectrum.

For example, the public safety band at 4.9gH can easily exceed a range of 15 or 20 miles if you have a clear line of sight. So you if you are above two or three gigahertz in frequency, you want it to work in line of sight to get a reliable communication.

In order to have high throughput wireless link in terms of range, you want to have the so-called firing zone free from obstacles.

The firing zone is the cigar-shaped area that goes around the line that connects the two directional antennas. It creates the point-to-point link, so you want that cigar-shaped area free from obstacles.

How Big Is the Area?

This cigar-shaped area has a diameter based on the distance and on the frequency used.

Keeping this gray area free from obstacles means having a clear line of sight. This also means having the firing zone free from obstacles.

Bridge Kit

In this bridge kit, you get two rated devices with embedded direction antennas. They can deliver up to 50 megabits per second of throughput.

This is the ideal solution if you have a remote camera. It is very easy to deploy and is pre-configured out of the box.

It’s also the ideal solution for a license-free link.

The Fluid Mesh Tool 1200 Volo

This is a high-end solution that can also be integrated into mesh networks and endpoint-to-multipoint networks.

You can use it as a point-to-point link to deliver up to 150 megabits of throughput with a distance above three miles.

It’s the ideal solution if you want to back-haul a point-to-multipoint network. For example, bringing all your video stream or data streams to a specific head-end a few miles away from your base station.

Applications of Point-to-Point Wireless

Point-to-point wireless links have many different applications. Here are three of the most common ones.

Home Networking Solutions for Video Streaming

As you’ve seen about CCTV and video security, you need a point-to-point link to stream cameras that are invocation with a hard trench and wire.

Home WiFi

Point to point wireless can also act as your wireless router, allowing internet access in your home.

As an Infrastructure Extension

You can use it to extend your Ethernet infrastructure. Your fiber is not going to get everywhere, and there might be areas that are hard to trench wire that you can easily reach with a point-to-point link.


Home Networking Solutions and More

Your business or home networking solutions need a solution for areas not offering trenching space.

At times, video streaming from all of its CCTV cameras and other smart devices may be rough. Point to point wireless is the solution for all in-house interconnections.

Get your business these wireless solutions to enable the Internet of Things and connect your intelligent technology to Ethernet and IP networks. For more details on point to point technology, contact us.

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