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It seems that every day a new technology comes onto the market looking to reinvigorate our lives with even more optimal services. The microwave link is one such system, though it may be older than you think.

It seems like it is from the future, but it is certainly not too good to be true. The microwave system is made up of remotely linked satellites. This allows companies to connect a nearly unlimited number of devices wirelessly. A point to point internet service connected via a frequency or microwaves is a reality in today’s world.

Examining Point to Point

You may be wondering why you haven’t heard of this magical wireless system. It can send large amounts of data tens of thousands of miles around the world near instantly. It seems like a pretty nifty invention, so how come no one is marketing it and taking all the credit?

Well, it turns out, the big companies thought they could make more money using these systems privately. Keep reading to learn more about the link and point to point internet service. Then you can implement them in your business.

Ways Microwave Links Are Used

Many industries use the link for a variety of different purposes, listed are the most popular:

  • Many forms of communication equipment use this form of data transmission. This includes broadcasters who are trying to send information from the studio to the transmitter.
  • They carry cellular telephone calls between cell towers.
  • In addition, companies and governments use them to provide extra security when transmitting data between multiple facilities.
  • Also, they can be used nearly anywhere. The distance needs to be within the range of operation. There should also be no physical barriers between the different locations.

The Science Behind the Microwave Link

The most basic rendition of a microwave link would be the one-way link. A breakdown of this system includes four major parts: the receiver, antennas, transmission lines, and a transmitter to send the signal.

Those pieces make up the basic components in any radio communications system. But, the shorter frequencies of microwaves make them markedly superior to those in the radio spectrum.

When a transmitter produces the signal intended to be communicated, it can be anything from a telephone call to a television program.

The transmitter has only two basic jobs: generate microwave energy at the frequency required and modulating the input signal to convey information.

To accomplish the modulation process they vary the characteristics of the energy that responds to the transmitter’s input.

The Future of the Microwave Link

In addition, these adaptable links are broadband, meaning capable of carrying large pieces of information quickly across great distances. They can be used for a variety of things in the future.

More of these kinds of networks will pop up as people all over the world continue to develop and their technology requirements grow.

Where to Get Point to Point Internet Service

After you enjoyed reading about the possibilities of this technology, you should investigate what point to point internet service can do for your business.

And when you are ready to try it out, feel free to let us do the job for you. We offer immediate quotes at no charge!

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