Installation. We’re the “been there, done that” Company.


When it comes to installation of a Free-Space Optics or ultra-highspeed RF link, the keys to success are:

  • Correct solution selection initially
  • Acquisition of all required material up front…missing mount hardware, etc. etc. causes unnecessary delay and problems
  • Completion of a concise, definitive Site Survey document including pertinent site images
  • Quality control by Manufacturer Certified technician during the actual deployment, including double check of all nuts/bolts/screws
  • Documentation of error-free link functionality (SmartBits BERT).
  • Support of end user including “link is up” status on switches/routers, and customer’s project acceptance signoff.


BluTec Systems is link design / installation / support certified on every product we provide. But more than that, unlike “box pusher” models, we have hands-on experience with everything we provide.

This means that when you contact us with,

“We’re seeing something really weird here!”

We can usually reply,

“We’ve seen that before. Here’s what we want you to do…”

Could be pretty good to hear late in the day, with users awaiting resolution…

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