Is Point to Point Wireless Right for Your Business?

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When it comes to communications, everyone wants their data fast, efficient, and inexpensive. The rapid advancement of technology has set the bar so high that companies are demanding faster services, cheaper products, and greater performance from the communications systems they rely on every day. If you have yet to consider the benefits of point to… Read more »

Emerging Trends in Free Space Optics

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There’s plenty to love about free space optical communication, especially when you compare it to using fiber optic cables. Often, you can set up and manage this communications technology with far less expense.  On the other hand, installing infrastructure for fiber optics can be pricy.  Plus, you also have to pay for access to a… Read more »

Alphabet’s Plan for Wireless High-Speed Internet

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Imagine a world in which high-speed internet does not require cable or fiber optics, but rather was beamed directly into your home. Well, that reality might not be too far in the future. Google parent company Alphabet is openly discussing the possibility of essentially using free-space optics to provide high-speed internet to people throughout the world…. Read more »

An Overview of Free-Space Optics

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Humans are social creatures, so it’s no surprise that we’re constantly striving to improve our means of communicating and sharing information. From letters delivered by riders on horseback, to telegrams, to telephones, to the advent of the internet and mobile communications, we’re always looking for better, faster, easier ways to stay connected. Of course, communications… Read more »

What Is the Difference between FSO and RF Technology?

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When it comes to communications technology, we’re light years ahead of where we were just twenty or thirty years ago. What’s truly incredible, though, is the vast array of uses that have been developed with these technological advances. Certainly we use many forms of communications technology to interact with other people. However, available technologies can… Read more »

Comparing FSO to RF: Which Should You Choose?

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Proper telecommunications infrastructure is key to succeeding in the modern world. Just imagine how much less your business would be able to achieve if your employees couldn’t instantly send information to each other, print important files, store information on your network, and make phone calls. Telecommunications is in many ways the foundation of your business’s… Read more »