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Whether it’s Apple’s pinwheel, or you’re waiting for Game of Thrones to load on HBO’s streaming services, loading screens are not fun. How many hours have you wasted staring at those icons on your screen?

In a world where you can order a pizza from a tweet, why are we are still stuck with longer than expected load times? The technology is there, yet we still have to wait, sometimes minutes, for movies and TV shows to stream.

There’s no need for your business to endure this. Today, the technology exists that can assist you with cutting the internet cord from your normal ISP.

This technology is what’s known as an outdoor wireless bridge.

What’s an Outdoor Wireless Bridge?

An outdoor wireless bridge is a device that allows for point to point access between two devices to connect. One device transmits a signal, while the other receives it, all outside of the building of your business.

The signal, in this case, is the internet. There are devices that can provide signals from miles away from the device transmitting the internet.

The Benefits

The benefits of an outdoor wireless bridge are long compared to that of your regular hardwire connection.

To start off, they can reach areas that cable providers are hesitant to go to. They don’t want to incur the cost of laying down cables and lines when you live miles away. That range of the outdoor wireless bridge is a benefit for people living in rural areas.

Second, they’re more reliable than a hardwire connection. No downed tree can knock over the wireless connection between the two points of an outdoor wireless bridge.

Third, it’s easy to install. Compared to putting down fiber-optic cables underground, these are installed on the side of buildings, out of the way, and quickly.

Finally, they are capable of providing speeds equal to, if not faster than, cable lines. This is because of the high-speed wireless connection. They’re not slowed down by the conventional copper wire cabling in normal buildings.

For an even more detailed list, come on over and visit us at BluTec Systems to answer more questions regarding the benefits of wireless bridges.

Is It Safe?

In short, yes. They are safe for you to transmit data over.

For security, outdoor wireless bridges use similar technology to that of Wi-Fi. Go ahead and send those cat pictures to grandma. They’ll be safe.

Cross the Bridge

Your business deserves the best possible internet service and speeds available. Whether you’re designing your website, or using a service for credit card payments, it’s important for you to have reliable internet to perform these duties.

The difference between reliable internet service and unreliable may cost you a big client, or lose a ton of business altogether.

It’s crucial to use an outdoor wireless bridge to provide continuous, uninterrupted, safe service so your business can thrive.

Here at BluTec Systems, we can assist you with picking the right system for you to use. The only question is, why haven’t you picked up the phone and called us yet?

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